Monday, 18 May 2015

More Swaps and order info

I will be putting in an order at the weekend - possibly the last one from the current catalogue and spring/summer brochure which both end on 2nd June.

Don't forget you can beat the price increases - ink pads are going up to £6.  Not everything is going up, if you want to check any items let me know.

This is the rather nice pile of swaps I got at the weekend.

It's great to get lots of ideas and also to chat to new people - swapping is rather a good ice breaker.

The pictures below are smaller groups of everything above, apologies the top picture is still rather crowded!

Hopefully it gives you an idea of what I got and if you want a closer look of anything let me know.
I will also be trying out a few things though.  The eagle-eyed amongst you might of spotted one or two new 'things' in the stash!

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous selection of swaps with lots of ideas to try. Managed to click on photos for closer look and comment without 'incident' this time.