Thursday, 13 July 2017


I also seemed to start something off last week with a new picture I made and have used as a cover photo on my Facebook page.

On page 183 of the Annual Catalogue there is a list of all our 50 colours mixed up to show how well all the families blend and tone together and I wanted to do something with it, so I made this:

, It does show off the colours nicely doesn't it?
Each 'flower' is made from 3 of the daisy punches (so popular we currently can't order them because demand has far outstripped supply) and the centre is one of the matching stamps, stamped in the same colour and punched out with a circle punch.

I've made some smaller versions too I'll pop back with.


  1. This looked amazing Jill and would look fabulous on a wall


  2. Wow, I'd read about this and it is a truly amazing way to showcase the colours. A great piece of home decor. Shame the punch is 'off' at the moment.