Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Free craft goodies?! Yes please!

A bit of a plug today before I return to showing you cards.

If you have a sizeable wish list it is well worth considering joining Stampin' Up! this month.

Don't be scared, joining doesn't mean you have to do events and workshops (although you are very welcome to).  It means you can buy all your favourite goodies cheap for a while, simple as that.  If after a few months you don't want to reach the quarterly limit you just stop.

The great offer this month is that you can join by spending £99.  For this you choose £130 worth of goodies from the catalogue - whatever you like.
This is fabulous enough but for this month only you can then choose 2 free stamp sets of your choice - whatever the value.

A great offer and super way to get a more expensive wooden set you fancy but haven't quite got round to getting.

If you'd like to consider this as an option let me know.  This link should take you there if you want to get cracking: Join Now!

There are even some rather good weekly deals too - have a look at my link - if anyone has an issue with the link please let me know!


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